Thursday, August 20, 2015

Show Off Your Poser Smile and You Can Win

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What's a Selfie?

Selfie: A picture of yourself, usually shared on any social networking website.That’s it, really. But there’s so much more meaning behind why we do it, and why it’s become such a massive trend.

Who Takes Selfies?

Everyone takes selfies, but the younger crowd seems to be especially involved in the trend – mainly because teens and the 18 to 34 demographic are heavier digital users than their older counterparts.

Be creative and have fun with this this contest and may the patient with the most likes win! Check out our Facebook page and see some of the great entries we have received.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

School Is Now In Session

Parent it’s just about that time again. It is time to set the kids alarms and pack their lunches. Care-free summer days are over, school is about to be in session.

Going back to school can be a sad moment for kids. However, this is a moment most parents are very fond of. As they’re back in the classroom, you finally get back to your regular schedule. As the new school year starts there are things you can do to prepare your kids and make sure their ready for the new school-year.

Check Ups: Schedule appointments to check-up on your child’s health. Make sure your child visits the doctor, dentist and orthodontist. Regular health exams are needed to be sure your child’s body is tip-top shape.

Sleeping Schedule: Sleep is an important part of learning. Children between ages 5-12 need at least 10 hours of sleep to be ready for a full day of school. Two-weeks prior to the first day of school start getting your kids out of their summer sleeping habits. Changing sleep habits prior to the start of school helps kids get into the groove.

Clothes: Give your kids a new fresh feeling for the new school year. Whether your child’s school requires uniforms or allows for regular clothes, having new threads can boost self-confidence and which can provide a positive attitude. So take your kids to a trip to your favorite department store and catch some great back to school deals.

School Supplies: Send your kids back to school with everything they need to be prepared in the classroom. Pencils, pens, notebooks, etc.

Dr. Poser cares about his patients and wants to help provide them with the best orthodontic care as they head back into school. As the summer ends so will our Summer Selfie Contest, be sure to enter by August 31st to win a iPad Mini!