Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Tips To Remember During Retention

Our goal at Poser Orthodontics is to help your smile stay beautiful and healthy for a lifetime. Your cooperation is essential in order to achieve this goal.

Here Are A Few Things To Remember During The Years Of Retainer Wear

1. Wear your retainers as prescribed by Dr. Poser.

2. The safest place for your retainer is in your mouth. When retainers are not in your mouth, ALWAYS keep them in your retainer case.

3. Do not wrap retainers in a paper towel or napkin, this is the easiest way to lose them.

4. Do not place loose retainers in your pocket, this is the easiest way to break them.

5. Keep retainers away from pets — dogs LOVE them.

6. Clean your retainers by brushing them with toothpaste and water or with antibacterial soap. NEVER soak your retainers, this causes them to rust and/or break. Be sure to brush your teeth without your retainers in. Do not boil your retainer or put it in hot water.

7. Do not place retainers in the dishwasher, microwave or in boiling water — they will melt or warp.

8. Your lower retainer may be a fixed retainer bonded onto your teeth. It is not considered permanent and can be broken or detached from your teeth, if you are not careful with it.

9. Bring your retainers to your check-up appointment. If anything happens to your retainers (i.e. it doesn't fit, it's broken, or it's lost) please call us ASAP. If your lower bonded retainer wire comes out, keep it and bring it in at your next appointment for rebonding.

10. The first set of retainers is included in your treatment fee. Any repair, replacement of your retainer, or rebonding of your lower retainer will be additional and charged to your account.

The benefits of orthodontic treatment will last a lifetime if you keep these important patient responsibilities in mind. If you have any further questions regarding retention contact Poser Orthodontics at your earliest convenience.

Thursday, May 19, 2016

What is Orthodontics?

There are a rising number of adults nowadays seeking orthodontic treatment for a wide variety of reasons. Ranging from the same reasons children and teenagers are being treated, to some important differences which adults are faced with.  Several adults assume orthodontics provides only the solution of straightening out crooked teeth. Though this is a major factor as to why a majority of our patients seek treatment, there are several other important reasons why you may need to be treated by an orthodontist. 

Orthodontics involves the movement of the teeth within the jaw bones to straighten them and help them to bite more evenly together. Treatment is about making the best of your teeth; and improving the coordination of your mouth and jaws. It’s important to be treated by a certified orthodontist, rather than a general dentist, because orthodontists are fully qualified in this field completing further training and studies to specialize in orthodontics.

Dr. Poser and his team utilize state of the art orthodontic technology and techniques to ensure that you will enjoy optimal results, maximum comfort and the shortest treatment time possible. If you are ready to learn more about orthodontic treatment at Poser Orthodontics, give us a call at our Germantown office, 262-255-6255 or our Wauwatosa office, 414-476-2244.

Friday, May 13, 2016

Common Friday the 13th Superstitions

Today is Friday the 13th! Did you know Friday the 13th is the most feared day in the United States? It's estimated that 17-20 million people actually fear this day and have tons of superstitions about it. Whether you believe it's unlucky or not, it is still fun to give into they hype and play along with some of these superstitions. We thought we would step back from our usual orthodontic related blog and have a little fun today! There is nothing that brings more joy to us at Poser Orthodontics than putting a smile on your face!

Keep reading to learn about 3 popular Friday the 13th Superstitions!

Common Friday the 13th Superstitions:
  1. A rabbit's foot will bring you luck. Talismans and amulets are a time-honored way of fending off evil; consider the crosses and garlic that are supposed to keep vampires at bay. Rabbit feet as talismans may hark back to early Celtic tribes in Britain.
  2. Beware of black cats crossing your path.  So why keep a black cat out of your path? Most likely, this superstition arises from old beliefs in witches and their animal familiars, which were often said to take the form of domestic animals like cats. 
  3. Careful with that mirror.  According to folklore, breaking a mirror is a surefire way to doom yourself to seven years of bad luck. The superstition seems to arise from the belief that mirrors don't just reflect your image.
We hope you have a safe & lucky Friday the 13th! Do you know of any funny or outrageous superstitions? Post them below or on our Facebook wall

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

How To Floss With Braces

When you have braces, it's very important to brush and floss after every meal in order to keep your teeth and gums healthy throughout your treatment. If you need help choosing the right toothbrush, toothpaste, and dental floss, please ask us at Poser Orthodontics and we can help you choose the right products for your teeth and your appliance.

Step 1: Using a piece of floss about 18 inches long, carefully thread the end between braces and wire. You may find a floss threader helpful.

Step 2: Carefully floss around the braces.

Step 3: Carefully floss around the gum areas.

Step 4: Carefully floss around each tooth.