Thursday, April 17, 2014

Age Is Not a Factor

So your teenager has just gotten their braces off and their smile looks you find yourself looking at your own smile. 

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Over the years there may have been some shifting of teeth, a little crowding here, a little space issue there...not necessarily the most perfect smile. Like many adults, you might think that now that you're of a "certain age" your smile is what it is. Quite frankly you probably look at yourself and say..."I am too old for braces. For Pete's sake, I'm a grown up."

Well, have we got news for you! It is never to late too get that smile you have always dreamed of.  

Adult orthodontic treatment is becoming more and more popular every day. Advances in technology now provide for more discriminate treatment and quicker results. Age should not be a factor in considering orthodontic treatment. The fact of the matter is that any adult in good general health with healthy gums and good bone support for the teeth is a good candidate for orthodontic treatment. 

Now if that doesn't get you re-thinking the whole, "I'm too old for braces" thing, what about this? Did you know that your teeth provide the support structure for your lips, cheeks...and those horrible marionette lines? By repositioning the teeth, your skin can appear tighter and your lips can appear fuller. Getting braces later in life can oftentimes achieve greater facial aesthetics without surgery. Need we say more? 

So if you have been looking at yourself in the mirror lately, and you've been wondering if there is anything you can do about the way your smile looks...there's never been a better time to come see us for an initial consultation.

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