Thursday, September 11, 2014

Hollywood Smiles

Ever wonder how celebrities get those picture perfect smiles, here’s a hint..  it has a little something to do with orthodontics.

Whether you know it or not many of your favorite celebrities have worn braces from traditional metal to Invisalign. Braces treatment has helped many of your favorite celebrities correct their smiles when they were younger. Actress Drew Barrymore spent much of her adolescence in braces and credits it for her beautiful smile today.

However, not every celebrity started treatment at an early age. For example, singer Faith Hill, 45, has sported her braces on numerous red carpets. Even actress Faye Dunaway decided she wanted to tune up her smile, and she did at age 61!

Some adults report being embarrassed to wear braces in adulthood and think braces have a specific, younger, age range. But who can put a limit on a healthy smile? Adult orthodontics treatment has become increasingly more popular. Age really is not a factor for those considering orthodontic treatment. Good health, healthy gums and good bone support is all you need to worry about for orthodontic treatment.

Here are some of your favorite celebrities during there orthodontic treatment:
Tom Cruise
Emma Watson
Faye Dunaway
Faith Hill

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Whether you’re in middle school, college or your 40s, braces can help boost your smile. To get more information on braces treatment for adults or braces in general come see us for an initial consultation!

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