Thursday, February 18, 2016

Myth or Fact

So we all know someone who has a friend who has a cousin who knows a the story must be true.

Oh those myths and how we love to believe them all. No...we aren't talking about mixing Pop Rocks candy with Coca-Cola, we're talking about the myths surrounding the Orthodontic know, the really scary ones.

There are many legends and myths about orthodontics, some of which have become so commonplace that they are now believed to be legitimate. Well...guess what? Even if you know the guy who has the cousin who has the friend that the story happened's myth.

Myth: Only children and teens need to visit an orthodontist. 

Fact: Braces are not just for kids. More and more adults today are seeking the benefits of a beautiful, healthy smile. Health, happiness and self-esteem are vitally important at any age.

Myth: Braces interfere with radio signals and electronic devices.

Fact: In theory any metal can act as an antenna, but braces are really bad ones. Radio signals are modulated electro-magnetic waves transmitted through the air. In order for these transmitted signals to travel well in air, they must be sent at high-frequencies. This is achieved through modulation. Even if someone's tooth could receive these frequencies, it would have to be decoded to actually hear real messages.

Myth: Braces are just for cosmetic purposes and aren’t necessary for your overall dental health.

Fact: While braces can definitely help you get that beautiful smile, they aren’t just for cosmetic improvement. Well aligned teeth can facilitate good oral hygiene making it easier to prevent tooth decay and gum disease. In addition, resolving certain orthodontic problems with the use of braces can improve your ability to speak, chew, and even breathe.

Myth: Wearing braces will increase your chances of being struck by lightning?
Fact: The chances of a person getting struck by are the same, with or without braces. In the U.S. in any one year, the chance you will be struck by lighting is 1 in 700,000 no matter what you are wearing.

Myth: If there was a giant magnet overhead, anyone who is wearing braces would get stuck to it.
Fact: Braces are made of materials which are non-magnetic in nature. Therefore getting stuck to a giant magnet is highly unlikely...and really, where is this giant magnet anyways?

So fear no more...Orthodontic myths are just that...MYTHS. No matter what your friend's cousin's brother says.

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