Wednesday, April 6, 2016

When do you need a mouth guard?

Poser Orthodontics wants to remind patients, coaches and athletes to play it safe when suiting up for recreational and organized sports. Since April is National Facial Protection Month, we wanted to share some info with you about a small piece of safety equipment that can make a big difference in preventing head or facial injuries; a mouth guard.

Protect those smiles this spring by wearing a mouth guard. Curious as to when you need to wear a mouth guard? That’s simple. You need a mouth guard any time you participate in sports, or physical activities. By wearing a mouth guard, you can reduce the risk of knocking out teeth or breaking your jaw; both major injures that can be costly to your body as well as your wallet.

Mouth guards are a smart investment for your health, so be sure to make the use of a mouth guard a routine. Many injures can be far less severe or even prevented just by wearing this safety piece. Please contact Poser Orthodontics if you have any further questions regarding protecting your smile or purchasing mouth guards.