Thursday, July 10, 2014

Sugar is Not Always Sweet

It’s time to lose that sweet tooth.

Not only is maintaining proper oral hygiene important to your dental health while having braces, but what you eat is important too. Sugar is the ingredient for all sweet treats, and as good as that sounds it is actually harmful for your teeth. “But it taste so good”, we know, however sugar can cause dental decay which isn't good at all.

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How is sugar harmful?

Sugar particles spark overproduction of acid in our mouths and creating tooth decay. Acid breaks down enamel in teeth causing erosion that can cause pain and cause teeth to become very sensitive. The more sugar in your mouth, the more acid that is produced, the bigger problem you have.

Also when eating lots of sweet treats while having braces you may find that your teeth have white spots, which is a condition called decalcification. When sugar is left on the teeth you can be left with a buildup of grim under your braces, thus causing white spots called decalcification. 

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And those white spots may take a while to fade away. So it is important to limit the sugar in your diet, which includes candy, treats and sugary drinks.

Remember you want healthy teeth after your braces are off, so consume sugar moderately and always brush your teeth or rinse your mouth with water after the consumption of sugar. 

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