Wednesday, July 16, 2014

The Discomfort Zone

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You’re all set to start your journey to a better smile, but you’re your worried “will getting my braces hurt?” Don’t worry it won’t be painful. Applying braces doesn't hurt. However, the first couple of days after the placement of your braces there may be some discomfort but it won’t last for.

“Why is my mouth sore?”
The soreness comes after the wire is place onto the brackets. This is because your teeth are beginning to move and your teeth are not use to the pressure the arch wire and elastic are causing. As the days progress your teeth will get more and more use to the brace and your soreness will decrease.

Here’s what to expect during your first days in braces:

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First day braces are applied: There should be no pain. You might find that your taking longer to eat meals, you’ll have to get adjusted eating with braces. Also your teeth may be sensitive and it may be harder to chew certain foods, so it is probably best to stick to soft foods and liquids for the first day.

2-3 days after braces are applied: These couple of days can be uncomfortable; this is when the teeth begin their realignment. Your orthodontist will show you how to use dental wax to help alleviate the pain.

5 days after braces are applied: You should be feeling minimal, if any, discomfort at this time. You teeth should be used to your braces making eating much easier. Certain foods may still be a challenge to chew, but going back your normal diet is ok at this point. Remember to avoid those foods on the "What not to eat" list to protect your braces and wires.

Here are a few tips to help you deal with the discomfort:
  • Take over the counter medicine like Tylenol
  • Rinse your mouth with warm salt water
  • Eat soft foods like yogurt and mash potatoes
  • Place heating pad or warm was rag on jaw
  • Avoid acidic drinks; those drinks with acid can irritate a sore mouth
  • Use over the counter oral anesthetic like Orajel
  • Apply wax to any bracket or wire bothering your cheek, tongue or lips

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