Thursday, August 7, 2014

Yum and Fun!... It's National Picnic Month

August is National Picnic Month, so it’s time to pack up some food, grab those blankets and a meal outside in the fresh air.

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As summer comes to an end we must take time to enjoy the warm weather and sunny skies with our family and friends. You don’t have to go far, with this it’s cheaper and more enjoyable alternative to dining out. We have 5 things to consider when planning the best end of summer picnic.
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1. Location: The basis of any great picnic starts off with the location. The best thing about a picnic is that they can take place anywhere, just has to be an outdoor setting. A beach, lake, local park or any other outdoor setting. The location sets the tone for your picnic, so be sure to pick the right site for a great time.

2. Guest: Invite family and friends out for a day of fun. Picnics parties can be as small or large as you please.

3. Weather: Pick a date that your local weather person says will be the right temperature for you. Some summer days can be really hot, so make sure the date you pick is good for you and your guest.

4. Seating: Being that you are outdoors you must make the setting comfortable for you and your guest. Depending on your location this could be a blanket, quilt or a beach towel. Table cloths are also an option; some locations may have picnic tables available. You want to have fun in nature, but since there is going to be food involved you don’t want dirt, sand or grass added to your meals.

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5. Food: Depending on your guest you can either go with nice dishes for adults or finger foods for children. But, you can never go wrong with picnic favorites. Favorites include sandwiches, potato salad and fruit salads. You could even bring a portable grill and turn things up on the grill.

Summer isn’t over just yet so you still have time to plan the perfect summer picnic. So invite everyone out for a day of fun to create a great summer memory. Post pictures on Facebook and tag us to show us your great picnic.

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