Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Earth Day is an annual event celebrated on April 22nd. This day is used to spread environmental awareness and show support for environmental protection. The Earth and its natural resources are important to allowing all living organism, from plants to humans, to thrive in the world. However, the environment isn't going to protect itself. We must take action to make sure Earth is in a clean and healthy state. Since Earth Day was launched in 1970 we have made process with legal acts being put in place to support environmental safety. Let’s celebrate this Earth Day by getting the entire family involved.

There are 3 easy ways to "Go Green" by recycling, reusing and reducing. (source:http://www.nrdc.org)

Reduce. "Reduce" means using fewer resources in the first place. This is the most effective of the three R's and the place to begin. It is also, I think, the hardest because it requires letting go of some very American notions, including: the bigger the better, new trumps old and convenience is next to godliness. But you don't need to let go completely or all at once. "Reduce" is a comparative word. It says: cut back from where you are now. 

Before you recycle or dispose of anything, consider whether it has life left in it. A jam jar can store leftovers. Food scraps can become compost. An old shirt can become a pajama top. An opened envelope can become a shopping list. A magazine can be shared. DVDs can be traded. A dishwasher can be repaired. A computer can be upgraded. A car can be resold. A cell phone can be donated. Returnable bottles can be, well... returned. 

Recycling is the "R" that has caught on the best. Partly, this is because there are so many curbside recycling programs today (8,660 as of 2006, according to the EPA), which makes recycling so easy. 

Learn more about Reducing, Reusing and Recycle at nrdc.org/thisgreenlife/0802.asp

Just like all good habits if you start young it is more likely these habits will last a lifetime. Children are the future, so teaching kids to go green is investing in the longevity of Earth. Every little action you take to protect the Earth helps, start today and help save the planet. To learn more about Earth Day visit Earthday.org

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